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First: If you have trouble to use our download portal, you should first read the basic instructions.

Second: You can use the button "Report this download" button at the bottom of each article, if you are sure that a file is dropped.

Third Party:
rFactor, game that our community and our download area is centered in. Like many other games, the players themselves magnify it and give it life. There are thousands of improvements, user-created with great effort and passion.

Xtremefactor reviewers and the download area, want to make available to all contents of this fantastic game as well other related games and simulators, sharing and publishing news on new mods, cars, circuits and other content Simracing.

Our objectives:
-With the same passion, we analyzed each content to provide users more than just a download.
-We try to promote authors and their websites.
-Securely keeping the material, preventing it from disappearing.
-Keep up Xtremefactor users with the latest developments.

Fifth: Anyone can work with us and contribute. Xtremefactor requires its contributors two simple rules: Follow quality guidelines and have distribution rights.

Xtremefactor has always endeavored to prevent piracy at all costs. It is one of the basic rules of our website.

If you are the author of any content, you should know:
-You have the right to claim their content and request partial or complete removal of the files, or modification and correction.
-Xtremefactor, undertakes to remove any material reported immediately upon receipt of the claim.

You can send comments, suggestions or reports contact here.
Thank you very much.

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