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Renault 5 Maxi Turbo Version:1.0A

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I have done a basic conversion of the Renault Maxi 5 turbo.

I am looking for DrGroove, Yoss, AngeEve or anyone associated with the car from the HRC mod for rF1,It could be the RFR guys in France, any help would be appreciated so I can release it and perhaps get some help with some small graphical bugs that I can't address as I have no 3d modelling skill. It drives great... pretty mental ! 
There was a lot of low poly stuff, especially in the cockpit, like the seats, so I added a fair bit of stuff from the ISI Clio... Driver, wheel, seat, rollcage etc ~ Steve
Please take it as is. This is my first proper conversion, where I have done everything myself as a learning exercise, so in future I can release more quality conversion. All credits to the original rF1 authors who can be found mentioned in the notes of the .rfcmp
Things I have done.
Removed lots of low poly textures inside the cockpit and replaced.
Added animated steering/driver and lots of extra items like window netting, rollcage etc. 
Things to do when I know how.
Lightflares to normal headlights. Passenger mirror. 

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