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C.A.R.T. Extreme Version:1.30

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CART Extreme is an official revision of the original Racing Line Development´s CART Factor mod for rFactor with direct participation from some of the original developers.
CART Extreme for AMS includes :
Several graphics improvements (updated car shaders)
Moveable driver arms (from TV view only)
Revamped physics
Revamped sounds
flat spots, dirt pickup, etc
Along with all features from the original mod:
Full CART 1998 field (28 cars)
4 unique chassis (Reynard, Lola, Swift & Penske)
4 engines (Honda, Ford, Mercedes, Toyota)
2 tyre manufacturers (Firestone & Goodyear)
4 chassis specifications for road, short oval and speedway tracks
4 or 5 boosts (depends on tracks, roads, 4, Ovals, 5)
Some tracks are also being updated to GSCE standards to suit this release - you can find Vanport in the download section, Laguna Seca et Fontana to come.
How to change chassis according to track :
Go to the trackconfigsbase.ini file you can find in each constructor folder here : GameDataVehiclesCART_Extreme1998 and look at the name of your track. Use this syntax for each constructor :
Chassis Configuration=0=road (default)
Chassis Configuration=1=short oval
Chassis Configuration=2=speedway
Chassis Configuration=3=superspeedway
PS : delete any previous version of this mod before installing this one
Credits :
Conversion by Patrick Giranthon
Graphics updates by Rob Pilmeijer and SandroX
Original 3D & textures by Nick Ovey
Original skins by Dave Ellis
Original & revised physics by Renato Simioni
Original sounds by Jeff Newman, revised by Dom Lovric
Onboard cams by Gamer19
-improved rims, suspension materials & textures
-improved cockpit, steering wheel, glass materials
-Windshield has been detached from carbody (to avoid receiving shadows)
-Increased front tire model poly count for more rounded look
-Corrected X, Y Inertia Values for all 4 chassis
-Corrected engine compression for all 4 engines
-Tweaked brake response curve, heating & torque
-Increased gearbox RPM tolerance & tweaked...
Rims/LEDs fix by SandroX
Here we go, all is ok now.
NOTE : if you have online issues, please delete the cart extreme folder in gamedata/vehicles and reinstall V1.11. Can happen if you installed V1.10 or 1.0
tga and physics updates
- new tga by Thiago and series number corrected
- throttle maps added
- pneumatic trail function corrected to match latest code
Hi guys, new stuff for the CART.
Changelog :
- Updated shaders
- Updated sound effects
- Updated physics - added new engine wear functions, tweaked collision feelers, tires, inertia
- Fontana chassis config fix in trackconfigbase
Just overwrite files in root folder

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Author Patrick Giranthon
Changed at 2017-10-24 14:09:04

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