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Toyota Celica GTO 1987 Version:1.05

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I am pleased to present you today the Toyota Celica GTO 1987 Modification for Automobilista.

permissions by @Juergen
Driver's side and other Stuff can be selected via upgrade.
Lights added. (same as in the rFactor2 version)
Templates can be found in the team folder
Unpack in your Steam SteamApps common Automobilista folder.

Changelog v1.04: 
Physic changes by @Lazarou ,Thank you for your help and permission to use the changes.
- Enabling of manual clutch & H pattern gearbox.
- Re-configuring clutch to enable smoother changes up & down.
- Tyre flat spot smoothed out so it does not shake too much.
- Brakes totally reconfigured including temperatures, feel, bite, power distrubution etc. 
minor details. Let's see if you notice.
Install in your Steam SteamApps common Automobilista folder, if ask allow overwrite. 
if you have installed the windows fix, please delete the celicagto_windshield_int.gmt in your Steam SteamApps common Automobilista Vehicles Toyota_CelicaGTO folder.
Have fun.
Buy usme a beer or a coffee
Changelog v1.05:
- The tyres are better and it no longer comes out of the pits with hot tyres.
- The clutch is a lot better , it no longer slips and also down changes are smoother.
- The steering is now better , steering rotation to 540 degrees which now matches the Rfactor 2 version and changed a few other bits and pieces.
Physics by @Lazarou 
You can also set in the RealFeelPlugin.ini to increase the resistance of the steeringwheel. Note...


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Author Rebellion
Changed at 2017-01-29 20:47:45


Peter Stokman
+1 # GTO 87Peter Stokman 2016-12-20 20:07
This car drives very good the brakes are perfect , i drove this car in rf1 and 2 both also good but this one slightly better The only thing in rf1 model that i find better is the sound off the car is more raw then this one for the rest its a good job done.

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