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England | Silverstone (2 seasons, DRS) Version:1.1

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Hi all.
After my decision to let down the GSC version I reworked some weeks ago, I changed my mind about Silverstone.
I had to fix many things there to have finally something good.
All is not perfect and still some details could be reworked but globally I am now satisfied.
All of us can thank @Gringo for his help here, about the AIW (hard to setup) and all the other things (some fixes, packing, and others tweaks).
Thanks to Denis for loading screen.
Thanks to Luigi for is special cams.
2 seasons and a separate DRS version for each.
Shame on me, I mainly tested in CART, but it was good :D
Note : GSC version was taken from WCP website with A.F. permissions
- new curbs according to 2016 version
- new green colors for curbs runoff
- windows flickering fix (if you still see them, you probably run the boxer, it is related to the cams of the car)
- stands flickering fixed by Gringo
- armco fixed by Gringo
- curb with broken polys fixed
- finish line wrong material fixed
-File update
Sorry, one file not updated in V1.01
Matching the megapack version
Some adjustments.
No need to dl if you have the megapack.
Updated with AMS v1.2x AIW and TDF parameters.
Improved UI track list cascade menu.
Track info details are corrected and up to AMS standard.
Accurate pit lane speed limits.
Support for the F-Truck diesel smoke effects.
Fix a terrain HAT target issue for runoff at the Arena exit.
New material blend on all runoff for reduced tile pattern effect.
Fix a few minor material issues in the...
Updated AMS v1.4x AI parameters and tire compound syntax.
Minor graphics update.
Grass and temps updates on all track versions

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Author Patrick Giranthon
Changed at 2018-05-02 14:05:04

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