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Neawoulf's modified SweetFX config for Automobilista Version:1.1

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Neawoulf's modified SweetFX config for Automobilista v1.1
When i start playing a new game, i usually create a sweetfx config to adjust the look of the game without having to change anything in my drivers or in my monitor settings. This is my config for Automobilista Motorsports Simulator, maybe you like it.
Copy everything from this archive to your Automobilista main folder (For axample: x:SteamsteamappscommonAutomobilista) and replace the original "SFXOn.txt" file with the new one. (there's a copy of the original file in this archive in case anything goes wrong) Then start the game with the "SweetFX Shaders" option in the config tool enabled. That's it.
Since Automobilsta does not have any ingame anti aliasing with the SweetFX shaders enabled, i suggest you enable it manually in your Nvidia/AMD config tool.
If you don't like this mod or it simply does not work, just delete the new "SFXOn.txt" from your game's folder and rename the "SFXOn - original.txt" file to "SFXOn.txt". If you don't want to use SweetFX at all, just disable it in Automobilista's config tool.
Hope you like it, have fun!

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