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Needed file and tutorial to use GSCE tracks in AMS

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This tutorial is made to use all Game Stock Car Extreme tracks, the ones which uses GSCE Standards in Automobilista.

Firstly, download the commonmapsGSC.MAS file at bottom of page download link. This file is modified to work with all tracks, including Jerez (With the GSCE original file, Jerez doesn't work).

Once downloaded, put the file in GameData/Locations inside AMS installation folder.

Then, download whatever GSCE tracks (with GSCE Standards) from here: http://downloads.xtremefactor.es/descargas/viewcategory/98-circuitos-stock-car-extreme.html

On the other hand, once the track is downlaoded it's so easy. Open the track .scn file with the notepad (If this track has some layouts, will be 1 file for each layout) And replace those 3 lines (Watch out! the lines which doesn't have "//" at the begining)...

For this ones:
The lines to change, could not be the same, this example uses the sky "EuroAltHazy" and "Med" Clouds. Depending of the track will have some clouds and sky, but leaving just as the example is, will work.
Important: If the track that you want  to use, has files like "commonmaos_decrypt.mas" or "commonmaps3.mas" (Like Mid Ohio) put those files are also inside Locations folder.
And there you go! now you can play in all updated tracks to the GSCE standards in AMS.

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Pedro Pinto
+4 # 5*Pedro Pinto 2017-02-11 15:50
Excelent tool and it works perfectly!
Simple tutorial, great work.

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