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Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione Version:1.1.5

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Aquí tenemos otro estupendo Ferrari para Assetto Corsa, información oficial:

Extract the ferrari_288gto_evo folder from the rar file into your cars folder (in your steam installation at: SteamSteamAppscommonassettocorsacontentcars)

Skin template usage:
I've included the exterior skin template as a GIMP source file. The layers should all be there, the UV layout, the Ambient Occlusion to bake if needed, and a hopefully easy to use default metal parts layer if your skin is only supposed to change the bodywork panels.

All templates can also be downloaded as .psd files here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-uUDGuiZHAELUZkMnpEQV9yZFk/view?usp=sharing

Todo list/known issues:
* Sounds are still WIP by Fonsecker
* Driver animations look a tiny bit weird steering left. I don't know anything about them so we will gladly live with what we have.

* JayMonkey (Testing and guess verification)
* Felipe Vaiano & RallyLegends (physics base work)
* Fonsecker (Sound artist)
* NWRAP-ESP (2D art - some Instrument panel textures)
* Sovers (Driver animations, Tyre textures, lights textures)
* GTOfire (3d Model, programmer art quality shaders/textures, many physics changes from the road car)

Version history:
- version 1.1.5
* Updated backfire again to be a bit more modest as per Jay's advice
* Raised the RPM limiter to 8250 RPM
* Added shift-light at 7800 RPM
* Fixed RPM gauge being off by about 250 RPM at the top end of the range.

- version 1.1
* Updated backfire intensity, cheers to GTAce for pointing out it's rather tame nature
* Included GTAce's Castrol livery with updated preview to match the standard style.
* Included SchUPpor's Scuderia Ferrari and Marlboro liveries with updated previews to match the standard style.
* Included v0.47 of Fonsecker's WIP sounds. It's still on-going but worth an update as it's a massive improvement.

- version 1.0
* Rebalanced aero. It has ever so slightly better aero overall now and aero balance % has swapped from front to rear.
* Dampers are now adjustable in setup.
* Updated skin preview to match kunos style better.

- version 0.9
* first public release

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