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Renault Alpine A110 1600 + S1 1961 Version:1.14

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Aquí tenemos 2 modelos del Alpine, el clásico y maravilloso Renault Alpine A110 1600 y A110 1600 s1. Dos mounstros, dos leyendas reunidas en un mod que no dejara indiferente a nadie. Unas de las mejores físicas que he probado en AC, igual el maravilloso modelaje y sonido. Probarlo y disfrutar! ENJOY!

Updated for AC 1.14

Curioso el historial del mod, todos los "grandes modders" que han trabajado en el y pues claro, es natural este soberbio resultado!


Originally a mod from s3r1u5 but hugely
updated and improved by the guys from Velos Mods & Paul Williams
Two car pack.
Standard car and s1(c/w Rear Wing & Front Splitter).
Changelog here:-
Updated Physics by Velo
Removed turbo
corrected power.lut with real power figures
corrected UI.json file with real torque and hp curves.
updated suspension
updated drivetrain gear ratios and final drive.
aero updated
New non Kunos sound
New Update by Peter Utecht
Visuals and Optics :-
New interiors and shaders reworked.
Alpine logo on car center hubs,tyres detailed and wheels reworked.
New skins and Colours
Number/license plates facilitated front and back.
Added number/license plates made by Velo
New Update by Jari Lappenen
Driver position and animation corrected
co-ordinated driver suits, helmets and gloves
New Update by Goran Martensson
new maps and shader settings (default pp-filter used)
all lights are now transparent and adjusted
some textures converted to dds and corrected
simple dirt'n'damage maps + tyre dirt
fixed rpm gauge showing wrong rpm
adjusted flames
lowered handbrake torque
brake balance adjusted
ai gears rpm
rim blur
gear preload anim adjusted
non F1 collider
new ground shadows
default previews
redone skin colours (because of the new shaders)
front & rear wing lip option
Added brake temperature data (by Jari Lappenen).
s1 version created.
Added different number/license plates made by Velo to 1600S s1 version
Adding rim blur instigated the last changes. Many thanks to Goran Martensson,Peter Utecht and Jari Leppänen.

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Author s3r1u5 & Velo Mods & Paul Williams and more
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