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World Series By Nissan Version:1.1

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Un estupendo mod de estos monoplazas, buenos gráficos/físicas/sonidos. Comprobarlo vosotros mismos.

Información oficial:

Light the World Series is a single excessive characteristics: It is a F3 Dallara lanes wide with a flat bottom having a floor and a 2 liter engine EAR of 250 hp.

The result is a car capable of taking over lateral 3.5G and 3G over braking. With this chassis combined with the AER engine, which takes 8500 rpm, the WSL is more effective than F3.

Some technical characteristics:
Weight..................550 Kg (driver included)
Wheelbase............ 2710 mm
Front.................... 1620 mm
Way back in .........1520 mm
AER 2.0L engine, 250CV, 8500 rpm max.
OZ racing rims, 11 "Front, 12.5" Arr.
Michelin tires, 280 mm Front, 320 mm Arr.

Version 1.1:

- Improved graphics performance (value for LOD).
- Increase in the train on the basis of aerodynamic support.
- Added 2 official teams.

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