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WTCC 2016 - 2014 rFactor Version:1.0

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Sumamos otro mod de turismos para rFactor. TC1 Modding nos presenta un mod de las series WTCC temporadas 2016, 2015 y 2014.

Información oficial TC1 Modding:

The mod is finished.
First of all we would like to say a big thank you for all the support we got from you guys.
Secondly there are some people who we should credit for what they have done.
-Dominik Kiss for painting all the cars in the mod, for all 3 seasons.
-portoalto and lusso - for the Lada Vesta and the updated Citroen
-Elliot Faggetter, who has tested the game unbelievably precisely, and gave us constructive feedback
-Marek Adamus for making the updated Hungaroring
-Sándor Csépányi for making the mod base and physics
We truly believe that we made something special this year, which would not have come to life without any of the people above.
Sadly we have some bad news for you aswell. Due to some changes in our lives, we can no longer put enough time into making a proper mod, so probably this mod was our last mod. We tried to make the mod a way that an extra season can be added easily, and we believe that this mod is a good base for the TC1 era mods. If anyone would like to use this mod as a base for 2017, feel free to contact us, we will probably not deny any permissions, it is just good to have our work respected for what we worked on so hard.

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