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Stockcar Sim Series 2012 + Trackpack Nascar 2012 Version:7.0

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Si os gusto la pachanga de la Nascar el otro día (Viva Las Vegas)... Seguramente este mod os dejara bastante sorprendidos. Más que un mod, es un SUPER Mod. Estos chicos han trabajado MUY DURO para  traernos con la máxima fidelidad la Nascar 2012, setups, configuraciones y sobretodo físicas.

Por supuesto, todo con un nivel de detalle excepcional (hablamos de gráfica y sonido). Aquí os dejamos la presentación oficial y las descargas:


Version 6 released We are adding yet another patch... We have opened up more gears to people making you have around 20 gears to choose from instead of 40 like before. Only 3-4 gears will actually work for you from track to track. Its a lot more limited then before.

This will be the FINAL update under no circumstances will there be another update for 2012. Everything is in working condition.

What is Stockcar Sim Series ? Stockcar Sim Series is designed to replicate the physical and visual features of a NASCAR. We have implemented as much real data as we could possibly get our hands on to incorporate into the Simulation.

From a simple paint job to a wedge adjustment, It is designed to Look/Work like the real thing. There is a extensive amount of work that has gone into the Mod.

You cant judge a book by its cover, So 1 or 2 laps will not help you acheive
what you want. The default setup is designed to help you get around the track at a decent pace without loosing control of the vehicle.

There is alot of adjusting to do from here to acheive the feeling you are after. A setup change can affect any ascpect of controlling the vehicle, From wheel spin to being loose in the turns its almost fully adjustable to your liking.

The collision of the vehcile itself promoted a big challenge. Comparing to real life a NASCAR Technically can never bottom out its shocks front or rear. The spliter if not the side skirts will hit the pavement before the travel runs out. It has been designed this same way inside the Mod.

There is alot more features that are accurate to real life. The list is endless... From, Multiple groove tracks to 95% of all the Paint schemes from each series.

All aspects have been looked upon and somehow acheived inside the Mod. Your job is to find them.

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+2 # RE: Stockcar Sim Series 2012 + Trackpack Nascar 2012Guest 2015-08-10 21:57
es muy bueno el mod
+2 # RE: Stockcar Sim Series 2012 + Trackpack Nascar 2012fUmAo 2012-07-31 23:17
Descargado a ver ke tal esta xD

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