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Endurance Series rF2 Version:Build 1.50

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Enduracers en colaboración con Gentlemen Racers, nos traen para rFactor 2 el mod Endurance Series. Uno de los mods más apreciados por la comunidad simracing en rFactor 1y más esperados en rFactor 2. Nos llega a rF2 en un trabajo de calidad, cuidados todos los detalles y para disfrutar a tope de los prototipos y los GT.

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Información oficial:

The Endurance Series rF2 is the rFactor2 version of our core more, the Endurance Series by EnduRacers.

The mod will be introduced in multiple releases, adding cars (and features) progressively in each new build. Our first decision is to focus the mod step by step on newer categories, like GTE in replacement of GT2. In addition, we want the mod core to be playabe since the first release with homogenic classes to allow online races and championships. This is why for exemple we are including in the first release "old" models like the Ferrari F430 and the Porsche 997, with a choice to develop physics based on GTE regulations instead of GT2.


The next releases will be featuring LMP2 class cars (lists to be announced in the future) and GTE class cars (replacement of the F430 and the 997 RSR by more recent models). We will focus on these 2 categories first. About LMP1 cars, no choice is made today, mainly due to the workload engaged to produce the core of the mod first, we will announce decisions later. In addition, it is not possible for us to develop new generation LMP1 since no game at this moment is able to simulate Hybrid engines technology. About GT1 cars, the decision is made that rF1 cars won't be ported over the rF2 version of the Endurance Series mod, but that does not mean we abandon this category and the created models.

You can here have a look at the presentation of all the models included in the mod, have at look at the team mod videos, readme, and of course download freely the mod!

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