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Formula 1 1993 F1SR Version:1.1 LE

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Aquí tenemos el mod de la temporada 1993 de F1 por F1SR, y aquí os adjuntamos su magnífica presentación (en ingles) junto con el trailer.



F1 1993  Season

The 1993 Formula One season was the 44th season of FIA Formula One motor racing. It featured the 1993 FIA Formula One World Championship, which commenced on March 14, 1993 and ended on November 7 after sixteen races. Alain Prost won his fourth Drivers' world championship, and Williams-Renault retained their Constructors' world title.

1993 saw a major shake-up of drivers, especially among the top teams. Across the grid a number of experienced drivers retired or moved to other series and new faces emerged.

In all, only seven drivers who lined up on the grid in South Africa were with the same team they had been with the previous year: Senna, Schumacher, Alesi, Herbert, de Cesaris, Suzuki and Fittipaldi.

The worldwide recession of the early 1990s had taken its toll: the March and Fondmetal teams had folded in the off-season, while Brabham and Andrea Moda Formula had failed to complete the 1992 season. Thus, there were only 13 teams on the grid at the opening race of 1993, in South Africa. In addition, numerous car number changes had taken place:

  • Williams used the numbers 0 and 2, as described above.
  • Benetton took the numbers 5 and 6, which Williams had used since 1984.
  • McLaren took the numbers 7 and 8, vacated by Brabham.
  • Jordan took the numbers 14 and 15, vacated by Fondmetal.
  • Larrousse took the numbers 19 and 20, which Benetton and its predecessor Tolemanhad used since 1984.
  • New team Sauber took the numbers 29 and 30, which Larrousse had used since 1987. These were now the highest numbers.
  • The numbers 16 and 17, vacated by March, remained vacant until 1995.

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