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USA | Daytona International Speedway 2016 Version:1.21

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La versión oval de Daytona, famoso track americano por las series Nascar By Machine.

Información oficial:

Daytona International Speedway is a 2.5 mile oval. 31 degree banking.
It is a conversion from an original scratch built track for Stock Car Evolution. (rFactor 1)
The racing surface has been reworked, adding support for Realroad.
The AI works well here in the Stockcars. 100% strength is recommended.

This is a fill in track until a new 3PA track becomes available (Possibly up to 2 years)
This is specifically designed for League use.
There are some graphical issues, but the track drives beautifully.

For those wanting to race offline, the AI are very good.
You just need to be patient, wait for gaps, don't take risk getting out of the draft. The AI are good at 100%, in fact, very good. Anyone who can beat the AI at 100%....Post here!!!

v1.03 is first release.
v1.2 update
Updated lighting.
Yellow lights now work correctly.
The AI line has been fixed so they pit correctly.
The AI line has been fixed so they can now run safely 2 wide and never lift.
v1.21 update
Attempt at fixing AI. (I think it went OK)
Attempt at fixing light glows (failed on this one-I have no idea why they are half brightness on back straight and turn 3)

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