Added Formula Vintage series (1967 & 1969 seasons)


    Added Flugplatz Bergschleife & Mendig Supertruck layouts to Mendig
    Added circuits no 7 & 9 to Buenos Aires
    Added West & Classic layouts to Kansai
    Added South & Patriot layouts to VIR

Features & Fixes

    Track conditions now cumulative over race weekend (no longer resets to initial state every session)
    Added track progression & quali length options to AMS Dedicated tool
    Added DynHUD spinner for alternative designs & two extra default options (CleanHUD & Telemetry)
    DynHUD: Various stability & functionality fixes
    Disabled 16bit option altogether from AMS Config
    Added AMS Config option for alternative SweetFX presets & included some new presets
    Re-ordered and replaced main menu series graphics to feature a preview of each vehicle in the series
    Upped “reserved” slots in main menu for official content from previous 28 to 35 (so mods which were previously in that 29-35 range will need to be renamed to show up in main menu)
    Folder “\SCREENSHOTS” is now created in root configurations folder rather than as subfolder of Userdata (needs to create a new config.inito take effect)
    Fixed opponent class filter so it no longer displays different cars in a same class as the same
    Added extra track and vehicle information to showroom & loading screens
    Added music fade out during loading screen
    Added spectator mode option to the multiplayer lobby screen (was previously in create session screen which caused some confusion)
    Fixed bug with multiplayer opponents appearing floating when loading replays from the replay fridge
    Fixed bug with some sound effects looping during replays
    Fixed bug with Multiplayer menu settings not working
    Fixed issue with cars not featuring an onboard engine starter being unable to start in a formation lap by having pit crew fire up the engine
    Fixed vehicle selection menu in multiplayer to display only allowed cars when running All Cars & Tracks
    Speeding in the pits & not respecting blue flag now award drive-through penalties rather than Stop/Go
    Tweaked position of Main Menu series spinner & added page number
    Mod tracks are no longer listed for Time Trial mode
    Added missing championship configuration options
    Updated input binding options when a command is already mapped to another function
    Added UI option for setting qualifying length
    Added UI option for multiple race heats with reverse grids
    Several adjustments to Garage UI
    Renamed some track layouts to a more consistent standard & moved Historical venues to the same menu branch of their modern counterparts
    Updated portuguese, french, spanish localization
    Added messages for manual ignition
    Revised Realfeel settings for several cars
    Fractionally reduced overall AI aggression
    Fixed FFB remaining loaded while hitting pause, ESC or instant replay
    Removed redundant DRS & Push-to-pass messages when car in use is not equipped with such
    Various shader improvements
    Vehicle shadow optimization (all cars)
    Updated feeler settings to minimise wheel interlock glitches
    Added throttle mapping (built into the physics)
    Fine tuned road dust properties
    Fine tuned various sound effects
    Sound updates to F-Vintage, Marcas, Boxer
    Several car skin updates to F-V10, F-Reiza, F-Extreme F-V12, Superkart, Opala, Opala 86 & Added new Renault Fluence car
    DynHUD: Fixed Delta Widget resetting in Time Trial mode after a restart
    Speedland: Improved night lighting & fixed several collision issues
    Improved AI paths for Londrina, Johannesburg Historic, Interlagos Historic, Montreal, Cordoba, Spielberg layouts
    Johannesburg: Reduced bump in tarmac seams
    Mendig: Several trackside detail updates
    Kansai: Relaxed corridors on exit of corners with astroturf
    F-Vee: Adjusted alpha channels in driver helmets
    SuperV8: Added new cockpit model
    F3: Added new cockpit-mounted LCD display alternative to both models; Adjusted team & driver names; Added remaining talent files; optimized LODs; Revised tire physics & default setup
    SuperV8: Adjusted default setup fixed tires and rims blur settings
    Boxer Cup: Texture optimization, new cockpit materials; fixed display temperature readings clipping above 100º, adjusted default roll bar stiffness
    MR18: Revised tire physics
    Lancer Cup: Revised tire physics; Fixed small hole in Lancer R cockpit
    Opalas: Revised tires & AI
    F-Reiza: Totally revised physics: New front geometry; Revised Tires; Changed setup, dampers, bumprubbers; added throttle map per gear
    F-Extreme: New front geometry; Revised Tires;
    F-V10:Texture optimization, new cockpit materials; fixed tires and rims blur settings, optimized LODs
    Marcas: Updated LCD displays
    F-Retro: Adjusted tires

USA | Road America (3 seasons) Version:1.04

Download 2321Author Patrick Giranthon

Actualizados TODOS LOS SKINPACKS con sección propia dentro del juego. Ahora con archivos propios (.srs y .tga), para no tener conflictos con los mods originales. 
Quedan tal que así:

USA | Barber Motorsport Park (3 seasons) Version:1.04

Download 2307Author Patrick Giranthon

USA | Putnam Park (2 seasons) Version:1.03

Download 1850Author Patrick Giranthon

England | Silverstone (2 seasons, DRS) Version:1.1

Download 3614Author Patrick Giranthon

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