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SRPL Shader Pack Directx9 Versión:0.92a

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This shader pack adds some new DirectX9 shaders to rFactor.
Shader Pack itself will not make mods look any different, but certain mods can be designed to use it.

This Shader Pack was inspired and partially based on the work of Siim Annuk (Some1) and Niels Heusinkveld who made Toyota Supra MK IV mod and on original shaders by ISI.

----- Information for racers -----

You may download and install this shader pack and enjoy any mods that are using it as you like.

Hopefully, you won't have to wait long for mods that use these shaders.

----- Information for modders -----

First modder version has now been released. Please refer to ISI forums for more information and downloads (see related links below).

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