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Francia | Mont Ventoux Hillclimb Versión:1.0

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Un clásico en rFactor, Mont Ventoux, de aproximadamente 10 km y MUCHAS CURVAS!! Es un tramo de subida, empieza en una zona con mucha vegetación y hasta la cima donde apenas queda algún arbolito.


Sin duda es de los mejores. Os dejo la Información oficial:


This is the famous Mont Ventoux hillclimb used in france. it is run in the french national championship "course de cote"

there are 2 versions

1st version is the route used today for course de cote, that is 10.050 km long, record held by Lionel Regal , 3:47.156

2nd version was meant to be the 21 km version, but i found out i did the 15 km version instead! this was used in 1976. only diffrence between this version and the long 21km version is the 21km version started further back in a town.

The nature of this track is pretty amazing, there are a few hairpins and extremly long high speed section, over blind crests requring no fear to drive through flat out. Currently the topspeed record is held by Bernard CHAMBEROD at 256.63 km/h

Daniel Bassora Mont Ventoux 2005 onboard

this track was made as a quick test within 5 days in BTB. so its abit rough and quikly made. but should follow the routes well. There are a few bugs, like collisions on objects, no pitlane, no grid positions ect. so its only you and the track for now.

if anyone is willing to help, like have a large photogallery/videos, or simply want to fix the track, contact me at Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

real info on track

video of version today

info on oringal version >

there are french addvert textures used for this track, from franks apls track, he gave me permission to use them.

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