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Maserati Trofeo Gran Turismo MC Series Versión:1.7

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Hi, i'm still working on the Maserati Trofeo GranTurismo MC Series. I saw these cars first time in Brands Hatch, the engine sounds it's amazing, and these cars almost same then the road cars, same engine 4.7L V8, just the exhaust system and the ECU are different, but same engine power and torque. First when i finised the whole car and lods, i try to do the "extras" wiper anim, driver+helmet and anim.
I done with the tire, steering wheel + steering wheel track map, lights and almost done the cockpit textures, but still i need to make a few textures. I found many info from this car, specifications, weight, wheelbase+tracks, tire+rim sizes, fuel tank capacity, and much more, so a bit easier to make the phisycs. I want to do the same HUD, but the digital fuel level and the digital oil pressure doesn't work, so i did the water and oil temp, speed, gear and the rpm in the dash.

Before you install the new 1.5 version, you need to uninstall and delete all previous version of this mod.

Changelog v1.2: (08/05/2012)
- New brake light mesh and updated the texture (still not good, but i think a bit better than before)
- New clear in and out and darker (just outside) window texture.
- Re-rendered template with ambient shadow, and now much darker and sharpen colors for the skins

Changelog v1.3: (16/05/2012)

- fixed, under-car shadow
- fixed, all car parts now visible on road reflection
- fixed, all car parts now affected by headlights
- new, Maserati Safety Car (only in rFmod version)
- new, dashbord texture
- working driver animation (but still need some re-work)
- new, Season 2012 Upgrade options in the tuning menu:
Graphics upgrade:
- small carbon front wing
- small body kit
- new headlight
- new rearwing
Physics upgrade:
- adjustable rear wing
- more power and torque
- less weight
- more fuel consumption

Changelog v1.4: (28/05/2012)

- no longer 2011 series with 2012 upgrade options
- separately 2011 and 2012 season
- you can select both season cars for opponent, and on the server as well
- in-game Car Class show you separately both season cars (like: Trofeo 2011, and Trofeo 2012)
- new cockpit window upgrade options, you can choose between a slightly dirty and a full clear windscreen
- wiper anim from outside working but very slow, in the cockpit still doesn't work

Changelog v1.5: (28/07/2012)

- VMOD version updated with the new and updated tracks
- removed wiper animation which is caused the "bones error message"


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0 # Saez 04-08-2012 17:33
Imagen Maserati:

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0 # Saez 29-07-2012 20:13
Cito a perellonganissa:
Esto se está poniendo guapo, guapo.

jajaja eso parece. Pero todavía falta...
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+1 # PereLlonganissa 29-07-2012 17:02
Esto se está poniendo guapo, guapo.
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